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Western Disturbances Linger, Delaying Heatwave in Northwest India

April 21, 2024 11:17 AM |

Unusually light rain and snowfall during November to January raised concerns about drought conditions in the Western Himalayas. However, a shift in weather patterns brought a surge in western disturbance activity in February and March, leading to heavy precipitation in the region. This trend is expected to continue through late April, offering much-needed relief and delaying the onset of intense heatwaves in Northwest India.

A fresh western disturbance is set to arrive in Jammu and Kashmir on April 22nd, bringing moderate rain and snowfall to the upper reaches until the 23rd. Another disturbance will follow closely behind, approaching the Western Himalayas by April 26th. These disturbances will also trigger the formation of cyclonic circulations, leading to scattered rain and thunderstorms across Northwest India, including Punjab, Haryana, western Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

The persistent western disturbances and the resulting pre-monsoon showers will keep temperatures in check, significantly reducing the chances of a severe heatwave in April. Residents of Northwest India can expect occasional rain and thunderstorms that will provide temporary relief from the rising temperatures.

This extended period of western disturbance activity marks a significant deviation from the typical weather patterns observed in recent months. While it alleviates drought concerns in the Himalayas, it's important to stay updated on weather forecasts for the latest developments.

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