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Winter rain in Northern hills to end in excess this year

February 27, 2019 2:04 PM |

Himachal Pradesh Weather Warning

After making a late start, winter rains and snow over the three hilly states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are currently in good shape. And there is high probability of winter rainfall ending on a record note.

Presently all the three states are simultaneously showing good rainfall performance which is a very rare phenomenon. Usually one or the other state shows some kind of a failure in terms of rain and snow.

The last time when similar situation occurred was in 2013, wherein all the northern hills witnessed excess rain and snow. But even during that time the quantum was not as balanced as its has been this season.

In the last decade , 2018 has been the biggest failure as all the hill states of North India were largely deficient with more than 60%. The failure rate is highest in Uttarakhand, followed by Himachal Pradesh and on extremely rare occasion Jammu and Kashmir.

Let us have a look at the rainfall observed over all the hilly states during the month of February alone till now:


Looking at the above table we can clearly state that all the hills have witnessed double their normal average rains.

Now, in the remaining two days of February, we do not expect any significant weather activities. However, in the wake of the remnants of the weather systems, few pockets in these states may still receive rain and snow. Another rainy spell with widespread rain and snow will commence over the northern hills from March 2.

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