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Now, get the accurate weather forecast for each & every city & village in India

இந்தியா மற்றும் வானிலை செயற்கைக்கோள் படம்
Latest INSAT satellite Image of India for 28 July 2017
இந்தியா மற்றும் வானிலை செயற்கைக்கோள் படம்
Latest METEOSAT satellite Image of India for 28 July 2017
15 days rainfall forecast
15 Days Rainfall forecast for india

ட்விட்டர் வானிலை
#Ujjain #Indore #Dhar #Kargone #Ratlam #Jhabua continue to see heavy to very heavy rains for nxt few @MPTourism
Friday, July 28 14:30Reply
Check out the Live #Lightining and thunderstorm status over #Kolkata:
Friday, July 28 13:51Reply
On and off #rains are likely to continue till August 2 over #Punjab & #Haryana: @punjabkesari @HaryanaTweets
Friday, July 28 13:40Reply
#Ahmedabad #Valsad #Idar #Surat #Deesa may receive moderate-heavy #rains for another 24 hrs: @NDRFHQ @TOIAhmedabad
Friday, July 28 13:00Reply
Friday, July 28 12:33Reply
@Dpjoshi133 Heavy rains may continue over Palanpur until tomorrow morning.
Friday, July 28 11:30Reply
@Kailashrajani2 Moderate to heavy rains will continue till today, relief is expected from tomorrow.
Friday, July 28 11:28Reply
@pravinsheelwant @veeresh_korke Isolated light rains at few places will continue to occur but heavy showers are rul…
Friday, July 28 11:27Reply
@MadhuReddy0017 @toi Heavy rains are ruled out over Telangana, only scattered light rains may occur.
Friday, July 28 11:26Reply
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