15 people talk about their life changes in the most polluted cities of the world

February 12, 2016 4:24 PM |

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While going through a school book of a 5 year old, one can easily find the emphasis given on air pollution and the effects of it. That is the kind of learning a kid gets when educated. That is the kind of significance air pollution holds, the human being who has just took 5 turns around the sun has to know that Earth is dying because of our ill habits.

Air pollution is one of the major reasons of concern and hardly have we seen steps taken to curb it. The thought provoking fact is that we live in such a world that is so poorly managed that it takes years to come up with reform about environment and even when the reform comes into action; it takes few more years to implement it. And then the regulation of such environmental reform is not in our hands.

We were taught that the children are the future. But are we, as adults, providing a safe environment for the next generation? A simple drive around New Delhi in morning lets you know that the city is crying for help. Smog has engulfed the city so much that it is hard to differentiate what is smog and what is fog.  The situation is even worse in Beijing. Air pollution is so high there that it is even visible from space.

The plethora and daily struggle with Air Pollution of people living in such areas is documented below.

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This article was originally published in New York Times.

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