Climate Change to make air travel longer and expensive?

February 12, 2016 2:34 PM |

Climate Change to make air travel longer and expensive?While Climate Change has been meddling with the peace of our beloved Earth, there’s another valid reason to fight it.

As per a study by a Meteorology scientist at the University of Reading in the U.K., Paul Williams, Climate Change may be making transatlantic flights longer.

Williams took a close look at the air time between New York City and London to study the effects of doubling carbon emissions on aviation.

The increase in the levels of Carbon Dioxide reduces the air time from JFK International Airport and Heathrow by about 4 minutes. However, the time tends to increase if the flight travels from London to New York City by about 5 minutes.

As per researchers, global warming is expected to speed up jet stream winds, increasing the travel time of westbound flights by about five minutes.

While a few extra moments may not sound like a big deal, air travel when calculated for the entire year adds up to be a lot. Thus, not only thousands of hours will be added to journey times in a year but, fuel costs will also witness a rise.

While eastbound flights will be shorter as they will be boosted by stronger tailwinds, due to the longer westbound journeys round trip time will increase.

Simply speaking, the carbon dioxide emissions by that one extra minute taken by a flight equals to the yearly emissions of more than 7,000 British households.

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