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2016 all set to be the hottest ever recorded

November 15, 2016 10:36 AM |

2016 all set to be the hottest ever recordedThe series of hottest years is not going to end too soon and the year 2016 is only going to make it worse. As per a new research conducted by the weather agency of the United Nations, 2016 is on its way of becoming the hottest year ever recorded.

The report was published on Monday and it states that the assessment of preliminary data by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) states that the global temperatures in the year 2016 are expected to be 1.2 degree Celsius over the pre-industrial levels.

The report also stated that the last El Nino which was one of the strongest El Nino events resulted in an increase in temperatures during the beginning of the year. The October temperatures are also at quite a high level for 2016 to be the hottest years on record.

In a nutshell, this century will have sixteen of the hottest years out of seventeen passed by. Not only this, climate change indicators have also been record breakers. While the Arctic sea ice levels are quite low, green houses emissions are also sky high now.

Greenland ice sheets are also melting along with coral reef bleaching which has been quite in the news. While the El Nino heat is a forgotten story due to the arrival of La Nina, the world will continue to witness heat courtesy Global Warming.

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