Freezing weather ahead for Britain as Storm Eleanor bids adieu

Freezing weather ahead for Britain as Storm Eleanor bids adieu

11:21 AM

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Stormy conditions that had been wreaking havoc over Britain will now come to an end. Storm Eleanor which had been resulting in gusty winds and flooding rains across Europe is now departing from the region.

However, it is still not good news for the Brits as the stormy conditions will be replaced by a cold snap. The weekend is all set to become extremely cold. In fact, temperatures are expected to fall in the minus double digits in some places.

The minus double figures will also be accompanied with widespread frost during the weekend. While Friday could be wet in some areas, but skies will clear up and the sun will make an appearance around Saturday.

London could see highs around 7 degree Celsius on Saturday dropping to 5 degrees on Sunday. Meanwhile, in York they could drop to a mere 2 degrees on Sunday. The wind chill will make the feel like all the colder.

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Snowfall with icy conditions are expected in the lower levels as well. Road and transport services could once again witness more chaos in the coming days.

As per Met Office Forecaster, “From Friday high pressure will build close to the UK allowing a northeasterly airflow with winds coming in from the Arctic region.”

These arctic systems will result in freezing weather conditions across Britain which means the weekend may turn out to be a snowy affair in many parts. This weather may last for at least a week.

Image Credit: metro.uk