Global health in 2019 to be affected by 10 major threats

Global health in 2019 to be affected by 10 major threats

07:20 PM

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The World Health Organization has listed 10 major threats to global health in 2019.

Weak primary health care: Many low or middle-income countries do not have satisfactory primary health care amenities.

Breakable and vulnerable settings: 22% of the world population faces health risks due to conflict, drought, famine and displacement.

Air pollution: 9 out of 10 people breathe contaminated air and face severe health risks.

Non-communicable diseases: Diabetes, cancer and heart ailments account for 70% of the deaths around the world.

Ebola and other high threat pathogens: Diseases like Ebola, Zika, Nipah etc. have the potential to cause a public health emergency but lack effective treatments and vaccines.

Global Influenza Pandemic: The world will face another influenza pandemic, but we don’t know when and how severe it will be

Antimicrobial Resistance: Resistance to tuberculosis drugs is a formidable obstacle to fighting a disease that causes around 1.6 million deaths every year.

The reluctance to vaccinate despite the availability of vaccines: 1.5 million deaths could be avoided if global coverage of vaccination improves.

Dengue: 40% of the world is at risk of catching dengue fever as the virus effects around 390 million people every year.

HIV/AIDS: Nearly a million people across the world die of HIV/AIDS every year.

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