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Heatwave grips North Europe; hottest May in decades

June 2, 2018 9:46 AM |

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The normally cool Northern Europe is reeling under record-high temperatures, that has led to heatwave conditions, weeks ahead of the official beginning of summers.

In general, Europe is divided into two groups of countries, Nordic countries, and Baltic countries. The first one is a geographical region comprising of five countries, namely Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. While the latter comprises of the countries that have shorelines with the Baltic Sea like Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Nordic countries are situated at the extreme north of Europe and hence it generally enjoys pleasant weather conditions with cool nights. Summers are not harsh in this region. Whereas, Baltic countries are situated at the southern half of the continent. Here, the weather is comparatively warmer than Nordic countries, but the region enjoys comfortable weather conditions.

However, at present, both the divisions are basking under intense summer heat, being termed as the hottest May in decades. In fact, the western port city of Ventspils in Latvia saw the maximum temperature at 37.8ºC (100ºF) on Monday, which is an all-time high record for the city. The city witnessed record high temperature on Sunday as well by recording the daytime high at 36.9ºC which was after 36.4ºC in the year 1943.

Similarly, Gothenburg in Sweden also witnessed the maximum at 31ºC which is the highest ever recorded daytime high in May after 1911.

Denmark and Norway have also seen temperatures reaching beyond 30-degree mark which is the warmest in May in 71 years.

The intense heat conditions have aggravated a dry spell, affecting the crops s well. The farmers of Northeast Germany have complained damages to the crops caused by dry weather.

As per Skymet Weather, as of now, some relief from the rising mercury levels can be expected, however, any significant respite from the heatwave conditions cannot be expected.

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