Heavy snowfall and icy weather torments Europe

Heavy snowfall and icy weather torments Europe

12:05 PM

Snowfall in the French Alps30th December, 2014: Lowest temperature of 2014 has been recorded for England, Wales, and northern Ireland. The coldest temperature of the year was -9°C at Cromdale, Moray, on Saturday. Weather across other places in the region was recorded as follows:

Katesbridge, Countydown: -8.8°C
Benson, Oxon: -7.6°C
Pembrey Sands, Dyfed: -6.7°C
Braemar, Aberdeenshire: -7.7°C

Sub-zero temperatures were recorded in the region and temperatures are expected to go further down in the next three days. A freeze alert was issued in United Kingdom and sharp frost is also expected in some parts of England and Wales.

Meanwhile, France, Belgium, Holland, and Denmark are expected to remain dry and sunny. Rain, sleet, and snow outbreaks may affect Germany, Austria, and the Adriatic region. Also, snow showers are expected in Italy, Greece, and western part of Turkey. Eastern parts of Turkey may receive patchy rain. Whereas, an outbreak of snow is expected across Finland, Russia, Sweden, and Norway.

29th December, 2014: Severe weather across Europe has caused one death in France and major damage to property. Heavy snowfall in Switzerland and South-west Germany has left thousands without power. The countries also experienced major traffic disruptions due to inclement weather. Higher parts of the black forest in Germany have received more than eight inches of snow. More snowfall is expected in Germany on Monday whereas, fair weather conditions may be witnessed in Switzerland.

Northern England received 4.6 inches of snow causing power issues. Nearly 36,000 people received no power and 69,000 people experienced power interruptions. The John Lennon Liverpool Airport and the Leeds Bradford International Airport was closed for a short period of time to clear up the snow from the runway. The weather for the next week is expected to be sunny with a few patches of clouds.

Meanwhile in France, thousands were stuck in major traffic due to a massive snowfall aggravated by ice and strong winds in the French Alps.  Nearly 15,000 people were forced to spend Saturday night in emergency shelters in the Savoie region. Conditions remained the same on Sunday as well. Nearly 2,000 passengers were left stranded at the Chambery airport. In northeast France and the Northern Alps 19 departments were on the country's second-highest "orange alert" due to heavy snowfall on December 27.

Great disruption has been caused due to heavy snowfall causing the death of a 27 year old man after his vehicle fell into a gorge in the Belledonne mountain. Also, in Grenoble, a female car passenger was taken to the hospital because of a slight wound. A warning has been issued that because of re-freezing, the roads have become slippery. More snowfall is expected for a couple of days.