Typhoon Megi to lash Taiwan, Eastern China

September 26, 2016 3:11 PM |

Typhoon Megi

Typhoon Megi is likely to continue enhancing through Monday, before it threatens lives and property across Taiwan and eastern China this week.

Outer rain bands from Megi will start to move into Japan's southernmost Ryukyu Islands and eastern Taiwan, however the strong winds will stay across the Philippines Sea.

According to weatherman, the most expected area to witness major impacts will be across Taiwan and southeastern China.

Japan's southernmost Ryukyu Islands or far northern Luzon Island in the Philippines may have to observe some gusty showers and rough surf as well.

The Philippines may escape the damaging winds and flooding downpours from Megi, however moisture can still be drawn onto western Luzon Island and where it can cause flash flooding over the areas.

The strength of Megi is expected to be equal to that of a Category 3 hurricane when it bangs into southeastern Taiwan with damaging winds, flooding rain with an inundating storm surge.

Wind gusts are expected to be near 200 km/h near the point of landfall in southeastern Taiwan. Rainfall can exceed 250 mm in many areas. Over 500 mm might fall in some of the mountainous terrain.

As per weather experts, Megi will not be as strong as Meranti, but it may still cause more damage than expected because the infrastructure has already been weakened by Meranti and the glancing blow from Malakas.

On Tuesday night into Wednesday, Megi is likely to threaten eastern China after lashing Taiwan.

The mountainous terrain of Taiwan may help Megi to pass its highest intensity as it tracks toward eastern China, but it will be a tropical storm or possibly a typhoon at landfall.

Megi will start to weaken once it hits eastern China. While the risk of destructive winds will lessen as Megi weakens, flooding rain will remain a worry till Megi dissipates.

Image Credit: www.mytaiwantour.com


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