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8 excuses to skip work on a rainy day

March 3, 2015 3:30 PM |

8 Excuses To Skip Work On A Rainy Day

Skipping work on a rainy day comes quite naturally. The weather conditions have almost everything to do with it. It’s raining, the weather is joyful and pleasant, the cool winds seem so inviting, and getting out of bed becomes a difficult task. Who wants to dress up looking all civilized and head out to join the routine 9 to 5 circus? Especially when you can pledge allegiance to the ‘out of the bed’ look and stay back home! Well, we've done our bit in helping you pass the ‘valid excuse’ test in order to score an off on a working ‘rainy’ day. The following excuses, if exercised with care and caution, can help you skip work on a pleasing rainy day.

Got the Flu

8 Excuses To Skip Work On A Rainy Day

A rainy day is as much about rain as it is about the flu. Allergies and infections are on the rise and catching a flu is as common as making excuses to skip work (awkward pause). So call up your ‘El Jefe’ and maintain a deep nasal tone while talking. Garnish your words with the occasional sneezing and coughing. STATUTORY WARNING: Don’t overdo it!

Clothes Still Wet

8 Excuses To Skip Work On A Rainy Day

You’re not really a disciplined laundry person but you always do all your laundry on the same day. So last night you washed your clothes clean, put them out on the terrace to dry up, and your worst fear came true. It rained the following morning leaving you with soaked up clothes. You can’t travel, you may catch a flu if you wear those clothes, and thus there’s no way you can work with wet clothes. Just say no, no, no!

Traffic Jam

8 Excuses To Skip Work On A Rainy Day

It is raining heavy and mud puddles and craters have stitched up traffic jams all over the city. Almost every radio station is asking you to stay put. The situation is intense and there’s no need to head out only to get stuck in a traffic jam. You’ll reach the office late and you may not be able to give your best after warming the driver’s seat for hours. Your boss won’t have much to say about all this reasoning.

Will Work From Home

8 Excuses To Skip Work On A Rainy Day

Now as it’s raining outside, traffic jams are piling up, and you don’t feel like going to work; why not propose the good old ‘work from home’ theory? Your boss is getting work done and you don’t even have to go out. And somehow, due to some secret theory, work from home always seems lighter and easier. So pull out a beer (or ginger tea?) and work from your bed if you will!

Water Pipes Bleeding, Must Fix Them

8 Excuses To Skip Work On A Rainy Day

A rainy day exposes the weaknesses of your home sweet home. But even if there aren't any, you can always ‘improvise’. What if you found out (or lie that you found out) that the water pipes in your house are bleeding all of a sudden? Your toilet seat is choked up, your washbasin is flooded, and your furniture is totally vulnerable to some serious damage! No matter how smart your Boss be, an urgency like that must be dealt with right away.

Street Waterlogged, Can’t Swim

8 Excuses To Skip Work On A Rainy Day

Now with this one, you may be stretching it a bit too much. But if you've already used up most of the excuses, you can always play the water-logging card. There’s some 2 to 3 feet high water in your locality and heading out is simply impossible. Moreover, you need to stay back as water is seeping through and into your house. There you go, you’ve sealed a rainy day off right there!

Public Transport Missing

8 Excuses To Skip Work On A Rainy Day

You woke up on time, you fought the rainy blues, and you braved mud puddles and knee high waters. Finally, you reached the main road to hire a cab or an auto rickshaw. But no! It wasn't meant to be. You've been waiting for public transport for hours now and yet no sight of any available cab or auto rickshaw. The intent was there but it just didn't work out. You never wanted an off on a rainy day, but then you’ll have to take one it seems. PS- You can narrate your tragic story from your bed you know?

Car Broke Down

8 Excuses To Skip Work On A Rainy Day

So despite all adversities, you steered your way out only to end up with a mechanically ‘sick’ car. So now you’re stuck in the rain, calling up car workshops which are all too busy, explaining your boss how much that presentation meant to you, and your boss will surely end up saying something similar to- ‘Go back home, we’ll do it tomorrow.’




So that’s that! Eight morally incorrect but practically possible ways to score a day off on a rainy day. And even if your boss turns out to be an unsparing fox, and is able to connect the dots, you will still be able to score a half day at least. Something is always better than nothing!



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