Foods and drinks to relish this Holi

Foods and drinks to relish this Holi

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Foods and Drinks on Holi

Sweets can never be skipped in any of the festivities. Holi is the time to savor on sumptuous food items. Families and friends get together, and it is the time to create rejuvenating ambience with traditional Holi special sweets like Kheer Sandesh, Malpua, Gujiya, Rasmalai etc. With this the must have beverages cannot be missed too.

Gujiyas: It is the authentic holi sweet which is the most favourite as well. It is generally famous in the northern parts of the country and it is also delighted by people pan-India.

Ras Malai: How can one forget Rasmalai? These sweet dough balls stuffed with cream, saffron, pistachio is served with a fresh cardamom cream. This magical sweet ball just cannot be skipped.

Bhaang Laddoos: Bhaang is synonymous with holi as it is imbibed in the Indian traditions since ancient times. This Bhaang laddoo in the food menu will undoubtedly be the most loved sweet.

Thandai: It is immensely popular in Rajasthan and other northern states of the country. This special Holi drink made with saffron, almonds, sugar, milk and different variety of herbs. Well, readers, thandai can be served with bhaang as well.

Lassi: This holi drink is available both in salty and sweeter version and can be even flavored with fruit. Make the glass more tempting with bhaang.

Kaanji: Sliced beetroot and carrot along with powdered mustard seeds, red chilli, salt and water are sealed together and kept under sunlight. After four to five days, a dark, vine coloured, tangy drink is ready to quench the thirst of many during Holi.

Pakode: This is the most common finger licking food in many households. Some even make special bhaang pakode on the occasion of Holi.

Dahi- Vada: This is one among the holi foods that makes everybody crave for more. It is prepared by soaking fitters made from lentil, chickpea flour, potato immersed in yogurt. It can be topped with cilantro, chili powder, crushed black pepper, chaat masala, green chilis and boondi to make it even more mouthwatering

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