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Know-how a travel insurance premium calculator works

April 12, 2021 6:30 PM |


Do you want to go on vacation soon? Then, one of the essentials for your holiday is having a comprehensive travel insurance policy. It will safeguard you against damages and financial losses that may arise while you are in an unknown land. This policy generally covers expenses resulting from medical emergencies, cancellation or delays of flights, loss of baggage and more.

It will be beneficial to check the policy wordings of most travel insurances available before you select any. Moreover, you can use the travel insurance premium calculator to find the best suitable policy. You can calculate the premium cost that you will have to pay and make an informed decision.

How Does Travel Insurance Premium Calculator Work?

Generally, insurance companies have an easy and customer-friendly travel insurance premium calculator on their websites. You can follow these steps:

1. Explore and browse the chosen insurance company's website.
2. Look for the travel insurance tab and select it.
3. Enter the required information such as your age, travelling destination and date of travel.
4. Select the number of trips you plan to take. Like, single or multi-trips.
5. Fill in the details about your health condition (if any).
6. Then, click on the proceed tab.
7. You may have to fill in personal details like name, mobile number and email. Kindly enter the information.
8. Click on the get quotes tab.
9. You will get the premium rates of the different plans using the travel insurance premium calculator.

Depending on this information, you can determine which plan is most suitable for you and matches your requirement. While you can use the travel insurance premium calculator in the way mentioned above, you should keep in mind certain factors that affect the premium:

Your Age

Your age plays an essential role in determining the travel insurance premium amount. If you are a senior citizen, the insurance premium would be higher than a younger person. It is so because older individuals are generally more prone to health ailments. However, there are also senior citizen travel insurance policies available to suit the specific set of needs.

Travel Destination

Note that when you use a travel insurance premium calculator, the premium shown for different destinations will vary. For instance, the travel insurance premium for a domestic location and an international location will be different.

Duration of the Trip

When you enter the duration of your trip while using the travel insurance premium calculator, you can change it to compare the premiums. The price of the travel insurance plans may vary depending upon the duration of the trip.

Frequency of the Trip

The frequency of your trips also influences the travel insurance premium. If you plan to go to the same destination multiple times, it will be wise to opt for the multi-trip travel insurance plan. Otherwise, you may opt for the single-trip travel insurance policy.


Keep in mind that coverage is the most integral aspect of your travel insurance policy. The coverage benefits you opt for will provide you with security for different situations during your trip.

Add-on Cover

With an add-on cover, you can enhance your travel insurance policy as it will offer an extra layer of protection. Nevertheless, it would be helpful to note that it comes with an extra price since it provides additional cover, which will increase your premium amount.

Sum Insured

The chosen sum insured will have a direct impact on your travel insurance premium. So, with a higher sum insured, you will have to pay a higher amount of travel insurance premium.

Thus, you must consider these factors before you purchase a policy. It would be best to use the travel insurance premium calculator on a reliable insurer like Tata AIG's website. They have a range of travel insurance policies to choose from, offering a multitude of valuable benefits. With quick steps, you can calculate the premium and check if the travel insurance plan is suitable.

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