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Six Steps to Drive Safely This Winter

November 25, 2014 7:19 PM |

Six Steps to Drive Safely This WinterDriving in winter requires a lot of care and preparation. As thick fog engulfs most parts of the country, driving can become a stressful ordeal. Reduced visibility affects day to day traffic and even leads to an increased number of road accidents. But at the same time, the season also invites long drives, vacations, and college road trips. So how can you secure the journey for both your loved ones and yourself? The following steps will help you feel safer while driving in winter.

Vehicle Check

Vehicle CheckThis is the first and foremost thing that you ought to do. Extreme temperatures can affect vital parts of your vehicle. It is highly recommended that you do a quality check on the car battery, exterior lights, and the coolant. Also, be sure to check the tires for proper treading. Check for damaged wiper blades and replace them if needed.

Plan Your Journey

Plan Your JourneyIf you're planning a road trip or even a short outing, it would suit you to plan out your travel before setting off. Thick blankets of fog and unexpected snowfall can damage visibility. The harsh conditions can also cause traffic jams thereby spoiling your day. It is best to chalk out the safest route possible before you head out.

Use Fog Lights

Use Fog LightsMost vehicles today come equipped with fog lights which are placed somewhere closer to the front bumper. If your vehicle does not have fog lights, then you can use low beams instead. Although getting a fog light is highly recommended. The beam of light ejecting from the fog lights is wider than the driving lights and is usually yellow in color. These factors help in reducing the affect of fog on road visibility during winters.


Say No To Drifting

Say No To DriftingDo you often wander off or land in middle of nowhere when it is foggy? This can be highly dangerous and must be avoided at any cost. You can use the on-road markers to stay inside your lane. Lane driving prevents you from drifting and also enhances the overall flow of traffic.



Watch Out For Stray Animals

Watch Out For Stray AnimalsStray animals become the victim of careless driving all the time. But the situation worsens during winter. It is advised that you keep a close eye on the road as critters appear out of nowhere under heavy fog. Slow down while entering areas where animals run free. Honking and flickering your headlights is also helpful in signaling animals off the road.


Stay Focused

Stay FocusedMost accidents take place due to silly mistakes. One of the most crucial aspects of driving in winters is to stay focused. Even if you have years’ of driving experience under your belt, you must not lose focus at any point of time. Over confidence and negligence can prove to be costly while driving in winters.





Other safety measures like not using your cellphone, wearing your seat belt, and using parking lights are also effective means of avoiding mishaps while driving in winter. Here's hoping that you drive safe & steady this winter!

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