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4 Ways you can land your first sports bet win

February 14, 2021 12:00 PM |

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Winning is always a good feeling and winning your first ever bet on sports is just as big and memorable for everyone. However, although landing your first win may very well be just you are getting extremely lucky, most of the time it would not be as simple as basic mathematics of the odds and probabilities. Some even say that you would lose a lot before you would make the first win. But is there are a way for you to at least increase your chances of landing that first winning bet?

The simple answer is yes, there are ways. So, if you are getting into sports betting just in time for the upcoming IPL matches 2021, here are some of the top ways that can help you land your first win on sports betting.

Bet on the home team

In every game for almost every sport where two teams are competing, there will always be a home team and a road team. The home team, as its moniker suggests, is the team playing on the home court. The road team, on the other hand, is the team that is the visitor.

For newbies and most casual bettors, betting a point spread bet on the home team seems to be a no brainer. While this may not be a good strategy to keep in the long run, this is something that you can do to get an easy win on your first sports bet.

Simply look for a home team bet with the point spread close to zero and place your money on it. For example, you can choose anything between -2 to +2. You may be tempted to go for the major favorite or the heavy underdog, but the odds of the home team winning is always better than the two.

Go for the Moneyline

The simplest type of bet you can make is the Moneyline bet. This wager simply predicts who will win the game--no point spread, not other factors to it. Just a simple who-will-win type of wager.

When you go for the Moneyline, try to find the home team that has the highest negative number (the favorites). This means two things: that the team is the huge favorite, and that there is a huge profit waiting for you should you win. While this is not a strategy you would want to keep in the long run, remember that the favorites win at least 90% of the time. Check out the best online cricket betting apps in India.

Trust the streak

Try to study the playing pattern of a team or player in their most recent games. Are they on a losing streak, a winning streak, or on a rise and fall type of record? This method is fairly simple--if the recent games show that the team is on a streak, they are either likely to keep it or break it depending on the record of the team they’ll go against. If they are on a losing streak, it may be time for them to make a comeback. There is no specific way to predict this, however, aside from comparing the records of the two playing teams.


There is probably no better way to increase your chances of landing your first win--and win on almost every bet thereafter--than learning how to handicap games. Some long-time gamblers even recommend you practice doing this at least a month before diving into the real thing.

There are many factors you need to learn to handicap a game, but the best way to practice is to check out the lines for the upcoming game and try to successfully predict the winner. Eventually, you’ll discover patterns and factors that can help you decide, outside of what the odds are telling you.

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