Prague Travel: Of snow covered castles and cobbled lanes

May 16, 2019 5:55 PM |

Prague Travel

If European cities were a necklace, Prague would be a diamond among the pearls. Prague is that one city which is on every traveller’s bucket list. And why wouldn’t it be? Its picturesque buildings, cobbled streets, gothic churches and snow covered castles have often given us travel goals. There is something magical in the calm and serene Prague, which turns every hopeful romantic into a hopeless one.

The stone bridges, the green river and the ancient squares, speak a language of their own, the language you will understand the moment you fall in love with Prague. The architecture of Prague is no less than a fairytale, which make the visitor fall head over heels even with its greyest winters.

Prague has something to offer to each that sets foot into this magical land. Prague is no Ireland, but it is as good as Paris when it comes to charming the onlookers. Marion Rose has even called it the “Paris of the 90s”.

The millennium old history is what makes Prague all the more appealing. You take a wrong turn and discover a hidden courtyard which is no less than paradise itself.

Beer in Prague is better than God’s own drink. If you are looking forward to tasting the best beer in the world, you take a flight straight to Prague.

The cobbled lanes in Prague make it very difficult to not fall in love while in the city. Palace windows, and grand gates od castles look like a setting straight out of a fairytale. The old architecture and the gothic styled buildings give it a bohemian feel, perfect for long walks and conversations with your beau.

All you need to do is let go of all the city life chaos and immerse yourself in the ancient city of love.

Prague Travel

Best Time to Visit Prague

If you are planning to take a trip to Prague, the best time to pay the city a visit would be either during the spring or during the early fall season.

One of the most beautiful seasons Prague boasts of is the Spring between the months of March and May. The chill is bearable and the summer crowds hasn’t yet started to pack the streets. Finding accommodation at a lesser price is always a plus during this season. However, while packing, make sure you keep a few winter attires, the wind chill gets strong.

For the ones looking for a complete tourist experience, Prague is best enjoyed during the summers. The streets are flocked with people; restaurants have long queues. But that’s the fun of travelling isn’t it? Spectacular views plus myriad of festivals, minus the chill. Why wouldn’t one want to visit Prague between June and August?

The months of September and October are slightly cold and have a lesser number in tourists. However, some of us love the calm and serenity. If you are looking for some quiet time on your trip, now is the best time.

Snow covered castles, grey winters and the most picturesque backdrop, winter is the time when it’s the least crowded but the most amazing. If you are a brave soul and are not afraid of the crisp air, and love the snow blanketed city, make sure you take a trip to this Paradise. The plus here is that you get to put on your favourite boots and show off those scarves and gloves, sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Prague Travel

Places to Visit in Prague, Things to Do in Prague

The most popular attraction of the city, the Prague Castle is no less than the most astonishing fairytale like castle.

Garlanded with 30 baroque statues, the Charles Bridge aka Karluv Most is more than 550 years old.

If you are paying Prague a visit, you must pay the Astronomical Clock situated on The Old Town Square a visit.

For all you ‘Beatles’ fans, Prague has a wall dedicated to John Lennon.

One of the most spectacular gothic towers in Prague, the Powder tower manages to attract every tourist’s attention.

One of the most unique and picturesque buildings in Prague, the Dancing House will totally take your breath away.

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