Travel Tips for all those planning to travel this Summer

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Planning a trip in Summers? Summer travel is a thing in India even amidst the harsh heat! The reason of travel can be any- be it your child’s summer vacations, a friends’ reunion, a hike up in the mountains, or a way to escape summer heat! We have got you summer excursions covered in this article!

#1 Choose the place wisely

Summer Travel calls for hilly locations especially back at India, when rest of the country is boiling with heat.  Places in the Northwest Plains like that of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh are a big no! A big yes to Kashmir, Himachal, northeastern states and anything hilly! To avoid rush it’s better not to always go for the popular ones. Check out some of the less travelled places like Matheran, Chamba, Tawang or Pelling.

#2 Stock up the must-haves

Some very obvious travel essentials for Summers which we usually forget, include the savior- hats, sunscreens, shades, scarves and umbrellas.

Don’t forget to carry along a lot of drinking water especially if you are going trekking or visiting a far-off place. Also, carrying along some electrolytes and ORS is always a good idea. Else, you can pick up some energy drinks like that of Gatorade or Powerade from the supply store and you are good to go.

Pack your light colored, loose fitting, probably full sleeved (if you hate that tan) cotton garments. And wise to pack a several of them- as you never know when you soak up in sweat and start feeling unfresh. Flip-flops and cotton sneakers are a good footwear option.

#3 Check for the weather forecast

Its always wise to go check the weather, whether you are travelling in Summers or in Winters. And why not when its just that simple with some handy apps like that of Skymet Weather.

#4 Consider waking up early

Sightseeing in the early morning hours has many advantages to it – not only you are going to escape the scorching Sun of the noon but also catch up with the sunrise view. We know its hard, but how about covering up for the lost sleep in the afternoon hours.

#5 Keep your electronics charged

If you are travelling in India depending on the hotel or café for your phone and camera charging is not a good idea, as power outages are common in Summers here. Its better to carry along a power bank and keep them charged wherever you start.

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