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What is a Hot Day?

March 25, 2015 1:25 PM |

Hot DayWe often hear about hot day conditions, but ever wondered what is it exactly, in meteorological terms?

In several parts of India, dust suspension occurs for several days during the summer season, escalating the minimum temperatures much higher than normal. Increasing humidity adds to the discomfort and do not allow night temperatures to drop much. To explain this situation, ‘hot day’ concept has been introduced.

Hot day conditions occur when the maximum temperature remains 40°C or more and minimum temperature is equal to or more than 5°C above normal average.

Hot day for Coastal Stations

Talking about coastal stations, when the maximum temperature departure is 5°C or more from normal average, it will be a hot day. Hot day can be described irrespective of the threshold value of 40°C. If the threshold value of 40°C is reached than heat wave is declared.

Heat wave Vs Hot day 

At a given time, when a station satisfies both heat wave and hot day conditions, then heat wave is reported as it is more severe and given higher priority.

Therefore, a hot day is declared only when the weather conditions are not satisfying the heat wave criteria. To know what is heat wave click here.

Precautions to be taken during heat wave or hot day

1. Never forget the golden rule of drinking lots of water to regain the water lost due to sweating.
2. If water sounds boring, try detox water. Click here to know about Detox water.
3. Run the insides of your wrists under cold water frequently. If your major veins are cold, your body tends to be cooler.
4. Avoid spicy and oily food. Detox foods sound good enough to survive the scorching summers.
5. Give Ice creams a miss, instead try Frozen Yogurt. Click here to know about health benefits of Yogurt.




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