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Anticyclone over Rajasthan will make way for Monsoon withdrawal

September 25, 2022 1:16 PM |

Normal date of withdrawal of monsoon from the western parts of Rajasthan is September 17. This year, withdrawal of Monsoon commenced from western Rajasthan on September 20 with a delay of three days.

However, soon after, the withdrawal of Monsoon halted as a low-pressure area developed over East India which travelled up to Northwest Madhya Pradesh. This weather system has given moderate to heavy widespread rain over Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, parts of Haryana, Punjab as well as over Northeast Rajasthan.

Now, rain activities will reduce significantly over Northwest India including Punjab Haryana Delhi and western parts of Uttar Pradesh. Weather of East Rajasthan will go dry. An anticyclone is expected to develop over southwest Rajasthan by September 27.

With the formation of anticyclone westerly and northwesterly dry winds will commence over most parts of Northwest and Central India. These dry winds will reduce the humidity leading to dry weather and clear skies.

These are the indicators for withdrawal of monsoon. We can say that further withdrawal of monsoon may commence around September 27 28 from the western parts of Rajasthan. By first week of October, Monsoon will withdraw from Delhi as well.

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