Ardh Kumbh 2019; Light rain likely in Prayagraj on February 14 and 15

Ardh Kumbh 2019; Light rain likely in Prayagraj on February 14 and 15

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Updated on February 11: Light rain likely in Prayagraj on February 14 and 15

The holy city of Prayagraj, previously known as Allahabad is observing cold weather conditions. The minimum temperature recorded today was 8.5°C which is 3 degrees below the normal average.

As of now, the weather at Prayagraj is dry and the situation is expected to remain the same for at least another 48 hours before any rain activity is recorded here.

On February 14 and 15, weather experts at Skymet are expecting light rain activity over the area. Day temperatures during the period will fall by a couple of degrees to hover around 25°C making the days comfortable. The early morning temperature will also be pleasant.

The rainy and cloudy weather condition will start clearing February 16 onwards. We don’t expect heavy rains to last over the city of Prayagraj but the short spell will certainly lead to some discomfort for the pilgrims.

Updated on February 4: Ardh Kumbh 2019; around 4 crore devotees took holy dips amidst foggy weather

As predicted by Skymet Weather, dense fog was observed over Prayagraj today in the morning hours . In fact, visibility dropped to 200 meters at 6:30 hours, while it was improved to 500 meters at 7:30 hours.  Minimums were recorded at 10℃ and around 4 crore devotees were reported taking dips in chilly weather conditions. All these conditions were observed due the presence of cold northwesterly winds over the region.

However now as the day progresses, we expect bright sunshine to take over during afternoon hours. Moreover, layer of fog will slowly disappear and day maximums are expected to reach up to 25℃. Thus, devotees will experience warm, sunny and comfortable day ahead.

By tomorrow, we expect minimums to increase by couple of degrees, thereby leading to comfortable conditions. However, dense fog is expected during morning hours. Further, a marginal increase in day maximums is also expected.

According to Skymet Weather, apart from fog, there will no significant hindrance for atleast next two days. Thereafter, rains are expected on February 7 and 8.

Updated on February 3: Ardh Kumbh 2019; Devotees to take holy dip amidst foggy weather conditions on Mauni Amavasya 

February 4 will be marked as ‘Mauni Amavasya’ i.e day of second Shahi Snan for devotees of Prayagraj Ardh Kumbh Mela. The day will observe several devotees taking holy dips in the sacred rivers in the presence cold and foggy conditions during morning hours. The Amavasya will begin at 11:52 pm on February 3 and will continue till 02:33 am on February 5.

The scared city of Prayagraj has been observing foggy conditions since last 24 hours. In fact, due to the presence of this fog, day temperatures have dropped significantly while night temperatures have shown a significant increase. These conditions have occurred due to availability of moisture feed from Western Disturbance.

According to Skymet Weather, the layer of dense to moderate fog will prevail during next 24 to 48 hours. Thereafter, this layer will get weakened as warm winds from southwest directions will start affecting the region February 5 onward. During this period, day maximums will settle between 23℃ and 25℃, while night temperatures will stay between 9℃ and 10℃.

Moreover, February 6 onward, spell of rain and thundershower would start affecting the region as a result of Western Disturbance taking form over the Western Himalayas. Further, the intensity of rain and thundershower will increase on February 7 and 8. During this period, some parts might even experience hailstorm activities.

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