Bengaluru rains to begin anytime, rains to intensify as Monsoon 2018 nears

Bengaluru rains to begin anytime, rains to intensify as Monsoon 2018 nears

05:05 PM

Rain in bengaluruAs predicted by Skymet Weather, Bengaluru rains are back again after a brief break. We can expect pre-Monsoon rain and thundershowers to begin any time soon over the state capital. Thick clouding can already be seen engulfing the city and nearby areas, with rains are likely to commence very soon.

According to weathermen, conditions are favourable for light to moderate rain and thundershowers to lash the city. These showers would also be accompanied with thunderstorm, lightning strikes and squally winds.

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Bengaluru has been recording on and off rainy days for past many days. In fact, the city has already surpassed its monthly average rainfall of 107.4 mm. Till now, the city has recorded 194 mm and it seems that there are quite high chances wherein the city may record double of its average mean.

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These rains can be attributed to the several weather systems prevailing over and around the region. Two cyclonic circulations can be seen on either side of the Indian coast i.e. one over Arabian Sea and the other one over south-west Bay of Bengal. Besides this, a North-South trough has been running across South Interior Karnataka. With this, ample amount of moisture is available in the atmosphere, leading to development of convective clouds over Bangalore and nearby areas.

Weathermen are of the view that these rains are here to stay till the onset of Southwest Monsoon 2018. In the coming days, both the circulations are likely to get more marked, which would instrumental in intensifying rains over the city and parts Karnataka as well.

However, as reiterated before, heat is the main trigger for these showers and thus these showers would mainly occur in latter part of the day. In wake of these showers, weather would go extremely pleasant, particularly morning and evenings.

Southwest Monsoon 2018 finally made its onset over Andaman and Nicobar Islands on Friday. Looking at the cloud configuration and atmospheric conditions, Monsoon will make its onset soon over the Indian mainland of Kerala by May 28, with an error margin of +/- 2 days.

The Northern Limit of Monsoon (NLM) is currently passing through latitude 5°N and longitude 80°E, 8°N and 87°E, Car Nicobar and 11°N and 99°E.

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