Cold nights, comfortable days to prevail in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar

Cold nights, comfortable days to prevail in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar

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Uttar pradesh cold wave

East Uttar Pradesh and Bihar reeled under cold day and cold wave conditions for almost three weeks now. Thick fog cover had also engulfed most regions of these states. It was due to the dense layer of fog that did not allow the maximums to rise.

Moreover, the cold and dry northwesterly winds were responsible for lowering the night temperatures thereby resulting in cold wave conditions for the last couple of days. The absence of rains and persistent dry weather also added to the drop in the temperature profile.

However, the last two days brought a sharp improvement in the weather across both Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. In the last two days, the northwesterly winds that were blowing over the region gained strength leading to thinning down of the fog cover at a few parts.

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It was after the strengthening of these winds that the day temperatures begin to show a rising trend to beyond cold day conditions. Given below table depicts the improvement in the temperature profile in both these states from the last two days.


Thus, it is clear from the above table that the temperatures in both the states have seen a prominent improvement abating the cold wave and cold day conditions in parts barring one odd station. This has happened for the first time in the last two days that the temperatures have reached to 20’s and are in mid-20’s in some parts.

lightning in up

Click here to get the live lightning and thunderstorm status across East Uttar Pradesh and Bihar

As per the weathermen at Skymet Weather, similar weather condition is expected to prevail in both East Uttar Pradesh and Bihar for another 2-3 days. Thereafter, a Western Disturbance is likely to approach the Western Himalayan region which is expected to give light rains over some parts of central parts of Uttar Pradesh.

However, for the eastern regions of Uttar Pradesh and much of Bihar, this weather system will result in the wind reversal and with its effect, fog is once again likely to make an appearance along with dipping the temperatures.

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