December, the month with varied shades of weather in India

December, the month with varied shades of weather in India

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December, the month with varied shades of weather

The Indian sub-continent is a region with varied weather conditions throughout the year. The weather conditions are not only season specific but also based on the various terrains that the Indian nation has. India has several weather sensitive pockets with some areas witnessing heavy rains while other remaining dry throughout the year. Moreover, the intense heat and freezing conditions are also two contrasts which are seen in the country at a particular time.

As far as the most weather sensitive month is concerned, the month of May happens to be the month which is the most hazardous in terms of intense weather conditions. Intense heat, hailstorm due to Pre-Monsoon activities and dust storms are never good news from the aviation as well as agricultural point of view.

Meanwhile, the month of march is the most benign month where in least number of weather activities take place. Weather remains low key during this month and conditions remain mostly pleasant across the country.

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Meanwhile, the month of December happens to be the splashiest month. This means that the month of December witnesses a varied range of weather activities.

Let us take a look at the range of weather that prevails across different regions across India during the month of December:

Northwest India: During this time, winter tightens its grip with cold day, cold wave and foggy conditions being the highlight. Frost also occurs during this period which is quite harmful from the agricultural point of view. Along with this, foggy conditions are a problem in terms of aviation. Rains, hailstorm also occur in some parts resulting in wintry conditions.

Meanwhile, coming to the hills of North India, snowfall activity commences during December. In fact, the frequency of Western Disturbances increases, and they lower the track to latitudes due to which tourist resorts see snow during the month. Along with this, Jet Streams also become a common affair which do affect weather in several ways.

East and Northeast India: During the month of December, rainfall activity commences. Not only this, snowfall also occurs in the higher reaches. However, the valleys of the Northeast do not witness severe weather conditions. Days remain comfortable and the entire region does not observe freezing conditions except the extreme higher regions.

Central India: Central India also sees good weather conditions throughout the month of December. In fact, only northern parts of Madhya Pradesh are affected by the systems giving rain and snow over Northwest India. Due to this, wintry conditions are seen over the region in December. Meanwhile, rest of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra enjoy comfortable weather conditions. Severe wintry conditions are absent as cold wave does not penetrate up to this region.

South India: The beginning of December sees some weather activity in terms of intense rainfall in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala as well as the Islands of Lakshadweep as well as Andaman and Nicobar. These conditions occur in view of the Northeast Monsoon season.

However, as we move towards the end of December, the cyclone season comes to an end and Northeast Monsoon also comes to a cease. Rains then become far and few over the region as the frequency of circulations and disturbances in Bay affecting the Southern Peninsula as well as the Islands reduces to quite an extent. Weather conditions improve, and sunny days begin to take over.

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