Delhi Pollution: City to breathe better as air quality to improve soon

Delhi Pollution: City to breathe better as air quality to improve soon

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Vehicular emissions, industry, construction and residential fuel burning, dust and sea salt burning, and the air flow from the neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana wherein the straw burning is practiced in the majority are a few causes of pollution in Delhi and its adjoining Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad.

It was anticipated that cracker burning during Deepawali festival will also deteriorate the air quality of Delhi and NCR. However, the ban on firecracker sale by the Supreme Court of India benefitted as it turned out to be successful in curbing the contamination levels.

But prohibition was only one minor advance to limit the consistently decaying air quality. Some more advances are required to be taken to maintain a strategic distance from individuals take in the gagging air.

According to Skymet Weather, prior, the reason for the increased pollution levels in the capital of the country and its nearby regions was a Depression that was moving over the North Bay of Bengal and the eastern parts of the nation.

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Because of this, the easterly humid winds that were blowing over the northern plains enhanced the humidity levels over Delhi and NCR. As during this time, the wind speed was also on a lower side, the pollution levels stroke up. This even led to haze or mist formation during the morning hours.

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However, now, a scope of drastic improvement in Delhi’s air quality is anticipated by Skymet Weather. Already, there has been a marginal upgrade in the air quality of Delhi and NCR and is likely to improve further.

Delhiites might witness haziness during the early morning hours on October 25 and a marginal increase in the pollution levels can be expected. However, thereafter, the prevailing southerly winds will be replaced by dry northwesterly resulting in the reduction of pollution levels.

At present, there is no weather system prevailing over the northern parts of the country. The seasonal pattern of winds which is from the northwest direction will resume and the wind will also speed up resulting in curtailing the pollution levels.

Thee moderate winds will help in blowing away the pollutants.

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