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Despite rains weakening, flood fury in Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh to continue

July 16, 2019 6:30 PM |

Floods in Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal

The Break Monsoon conditions have caused incessant rains in Nepal, Bhutan, and parts of India. Also, Bangladesh is under the influence of heavy torrential rains. Floods have forced more than four million people from their homes across India, Nepal, and Bangladesh and killed more than 100 people as torrential rains wreaked havoc.

In neighbouring Nepal, 64 people were killed and 31 were missing, with around a third of all districts being hit by heavy rains. Many of the deaths were caused by landslides that swept away houses. While in Bangladesh, floods forced an estimated 190,000 people out of their homes. In Cox's Bazar district, shelter to some 700,000 Rohingya refugees was given who fled violence in neighbouring Myanmar. While more than 100,000 people have been displaced.

Come monsoon, rivers of Bhutan trigger floods, landslides, and road-blockades, wrecking trouble downstream within the country and the bordering areas in India. Reportedly, this year too, the rise in water levels in the trans-boundary rivers of Pagladia and Borolia affected southern parts of Bhutan and flooded a few districts of India’s north-eastern state of Assam.

Bhutan is a tiny mountainous region which comprises of four major rivers and they are fed by the Himalayan glaciers. All these rivers merge into the Brahmaputra river either through Assam or Sub-Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim.

Bangladesh also faces the fury of floods on different accounts. It is like when the Trough runs across the foothills, then the northern parts of Bangladesh get affected. Whereas, when a system is moving across West Bengal then rains will be a sight over the southern districts of Bangladesh. The Brahmaputra river also runs through Bangladesh and it is famously known as Meghna just before entering the Bay of Bengal.

Thus, we can say that in the last couple of days, in the presence of Trough line all these three countries have been under the impact of Break Monsoon conditions. The entire region of Bhutan and Nepal are under the fury of floods whereas the extreme northern parts of Bangladesh adjacent to Sub-Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim have been witnessing heavy rains.

It now looks like there will be a change in the weather activity as a weather system is likely to develop in the Bay of Bengal around July 18 which will help in pulling down the Trough line thus relaxing the intensity of rains. Sadly, it has rained so much in the last days, that the water bodies will keep responding.

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