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Dry spell continues in North India; South India observing pleasant weather

August 21, 2014 5:48 PM |

Monsoon cloudThere is a complete change in the weather parameters of North India. The region is hardly observing any rain and the temperatures are settling above the normal average. Humidity levels have decreased marginally but the winds are northwesterlies. Such conditions are usually observed during the pre-monsoon season.

The hills of North India are also experiencing dry weather with minimal rain. Nainital in Uttarakhand recorded 24oC as the maximum temperature on Wednesday, which is 4 degrees above normal. Mussoorie too saw maximum settle at 24.1oC, 4 degrees above normal. This condition will prevail in North India for another 4-5 days.

Central India

This region usually observes cool and pleasant weather during this time. Maximums settle in the lower thirties and moderate breeze makes the weather even more enjoyable. However, there is minimal weather activity in the region due to which the temperatures are settling above normal. Khajuraho, a major tourist attraction in Madhya Pradesh recorded 37.4oC as the maximum temperature on Wednesday, which is a good 5 degrees above normal. In Bhopal the maximum was 34.3oC, again 5 degrees above normal. This clearly explains the change in the weather in Central India at the moment.

East and Northeast India

The prevailing break monsoon condition is favourable for some good rain in East and Northeast India, particularly along the foothills. Sikkim and Sub Himalayan West Bengal will be the main centres of rainfall activity for a week. Temperatures in these regions are witnessing close to normal. Patna, the capital of Bihar recorded 33oC as the maximum on Wednesday, while Kolkata and Darjeeling saw maximum settle at 32oC and 18oC respectively. Kolkata also observed 14 mm of rain on Thursday.

South India

This is one region that is experiencing pleasant weather conditions. Light rain is expected to continue in South India for another 4-5 days, especially along the coastal parts of Kerala and Karnataka. The temperatures have also been maintaining close to normal here. Madurai recorded 34oC as the maximum on Wednesday, which is 2 degrees below normal, while Salem saw maximum settle at 30.7oC, again 2 degrees below normal.

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