Dusty sky in Northwest India: Blame it on loose dust, heatwave in Rajasthan, Pakistan

Dusty sky in Northwest India: Blame it on loose dust, heatwave in Rajasthan, Pakistan

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On the past day, the sky conditions of most parts of Northwest India, stretching from Rajasthan to West Uttar Pradesh, including Haryana and Delhi and NCR witnessed unusual dusty sky conditions. In fact, a glimpse of the dusty skies can be seen today as well.

These dusty skies are due to the dust being carried from Middle-East countries, Pakistan and from Rajasthan towards Northwest India.

As per Skymet Weather, at present, heatwave conditions are prevailing over Rajasthan and the adjoining boundary of Pakistan. The temperatures of Balochistan region is already soaring and settling near the 50-degree mark, whereas, parts of Rajasthan are experiencing an above 45-degree Celsius maximum. Such high temperatures are due to the absence of any rains over the region.

As the weather over the region is constantly dry due to the absence of any significant weather conditions, it has given a rise to the heat-low conditions. Moreover, due to the absence of rains, the dust is loose in nature and hence are easily being transported from the Middle-East countries and Rajasthan towards the northern plains.

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The winds are strong and are blowing at a speed of 50 km/hour in Rajasthan while at 40 km/hour in Delhi and NCR and thus, the dust is settling in the upper atmosphere, approx. 7000-15000 feet above the ground level.

Due to lack of moisture, the dust is not settling in the lower levels and thus we can see dust enveloping parts of Delhi, its adjoining Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad along with the states of Rajasthan, Haryana, and West Uttar Pradesh which was seen a day before and today as well.

Moreover, as the dust has layered the atmosphere, it is in turn, restricting the escape of the longwave radiation due to which it is trapped within the atmosphere, resulting in rising the night temperatures of parts of Northwest India.

Delhi’s minimum raised by 5-6 degrees in the last 24 hours. Other parts of Northwest India recorded the minimum temperatures above 3-4 degrees, paving way for warm night conditions to prevail over the region.

Skymet Weather does not foresee any relief from the dusty skies in the coming days as any relief from the prevailing weather condition is expected under two factors.

First, any wind reversal taking place over the region or any possibilities of rain or thundershowers which is not expected at least before the weekend over some parts of Northwest India, including Delhi.

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