Heat Wave returns over West Rajasthan

June 20, 2015 4:54 PM |

Heat Wave in RajasthanIn absence of any weather activity over West Rajasthan since last one week, temperatures have been rising over the area. Though isolated rain and thundershowers were observed in East Rajasthan, western parts of the state remained hot and dry.

As a result, maximum temperatures were seen rising way above normal, leading to heat wave conditions. Here’s a look at the maximum temperatures recorded in West Rajasthan on Friday:

Temperatures in Rajasthan


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Hot and dry westerly winds blowing over the region, under a clear sky, have been making matters worse. Moreover, temperatures are in mid-forties in most parts of Central Pakistan. Winds coming from these areas are also penetrating up to western parts of Rajasthan.

Forecast for Rajasthan

Some relief is likely after 48 hours as isolated rain and thunderstorm activity is likely over North and Central Rajasthan. All thanks to the cyclonic circulation over Rajasthan. However, it will not be enough to bring down the temperatures to a comfortable level. After June 25-26, the cyclonic circulation will interact with the system over the Arabian Sea, which could intensify into a low pressure area very soon. Maximums will then settle in the range of 35°C to 38°C.

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