Heavy rains in Bastar trigger floods, cripple normal life

July 19, 2017 12:56 PM |

Chhattisgarh floods post

Rain gods have blessed the eastern parts of the country such as Chhattisgarh throughout the month of July. In fact, many parts of the state recorded some exceptional rainfall activity in the past 48 hours.


On the whole, the southern districts of Chhattisgarh has received heavy to very heavy rains in the last 2 to 3 days. These downpours have led to inundation of low-lying areas in the region, where normal life has been thrown out of gear.

Bastar district situated in the southern region of the state has been virtually cut off from the rest parts of Chhattisgarh due to intense flooding. Disaster management teams have been sent for relief work.

These heavy rains can be attributed to the depression which is over South Coastal Odisha and adjoining areas. This weather system is likely to move in a west-northwest direction and thus weaken gradually.


Take a look at the live lightning and thunderstorm status across Chhattisgarh

In a span of 24 hours from 08:30 am on Tuesday, Jagdalpur in Bastar district recorded a whopping 191 mm of rainfall.

As a result, moderate to heavy rainfall will continue over Chhattisgarh for another 24 hours. By July 21, the rain belt will shift towards Madhya Pradesh resulting in significant decrease over the state.

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