Jharkhand to witness its first spell of winter rains; minimums to rise soon

Jharkhand to witness its first spell of winter rains; minimums to rise soon

04:22 PM


So far, zero winter rains have been reported over Jharkhand. In fact, dry weather is still continuing over the entire state with minimums touching below normal mark over most places. Moreover, in the presence of cold north/northwesterly winds, places such as Bokaro is shivering under Cold Wave like conditions. Here, minimums have been recorded below normal by 4℃ to 5℃ whereas rest all places have recorded minimums below normal by 2℃ to 3℃.

Data- wise, minimums have been recorded at 6.9℃ over Daltonganj followed by Bokaro at 7.5℃ , Ranchi at 7.6℃ Chaibasa at 9.2℃ and Jamshedpur at 9.7℃.

We expect this situation to continue for next two days. Thereafter,a slight relief is on the cards for Jharkhand. Soon winds will reverse its directions from cold north/northwesterly to warm south/southeasterly due to approaching weather system over North India. As a result minimums will rise and settle in double digits over most places. Only one or two places such as Bokaro and Chaibasa will continue with single digit minimums. Meanwhile, with a rise in minimums, Cold Wave conditions will completely abate the state.

Further, in wake of upcoming weather system, its remnants may result in some rains over Jharkhand around January 23. These will be the first winter showers that the state will witness with intensity oscillating between light and moderate over most places.

Winter rain is the major characteristic of norther plains of the country. However, these rains almost remain absent from eastern parts of the country such as Jharkhand and Bihar. This is because the Western Disturbance exhausts while traveling to northern plains thereby causing rains there and it is only its remnants that result in some rains over East India including Bihar and Jharkhand.

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