Kolkata rejoices in Pre-Monsoon showers while it waits for Monsoon

May 30, 2016 4:22 PM |

Kolkata rainThough Kolkata had witnessed moderate to heavy rainfall between 19th and 23rd May due to the presence of cyclone Roanu, but the weather of Kolkata has been dry since then for almost a week. However, light rain or thundershower activity during next 24 hour is expected. Thereafter, the rain belt from northern parts of West Bengal and the areas of Gangetic West Bengal including Kolkata will move away, resulting in dry weather.

A rise in temperature is also predicted and it will possibly be in higher 30's. Nights will be warmer too. However, isolated thunder activity cannot be rulled out but any significant rain is not predicted for at least next 4 to 5 days.

Pre-Monsoon thundershower activities are predicted to resume over Kolkata by 7th or 8th June and that time we can expect some relief from ongoing sultry weather conditions. Normal date of arrival of Monsoon in Kolkata is around 2nd week of June so we can expect that pre-Monsoon shower that will start from June 7th onwards will gradually transform into Monsoon rains.

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