Madhya Pradesh to experience cool nights and comfortable days

Madhya Pradesh to experience cool nights and comfortable days

01:58 PM

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Entire Central India including Madhya Pradesh, remain mostly dry during the month of November. In fact, since the last many days no significant weather system has affected the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Moreover, at present, seasonal dry weather is prevailing over the state and both day and night temperatures also remain close to normal. Few parts of the state like Pachmarhi, Mandla and their adjoining areas experience very low morning temperatures almost close to 5 degrees.

Yesterday, the minimum temperatures recorded for Mandla was 5.6˚C, followed by Umaria 8.2˚C, Malanjkhand 8.7˚C, Rewa 9.0˚C, Chhindwara/Khajuraho 9.2˚C and Betul 9.7˚C.

Now the northerly winds are approaching over the state. Therefore, we expect drop in night temperatures as well as day temperatures in the coming few days.

In fact, hill stations like Pachmarhi will become cooler. Meanwhile, places such as Gwalior, Bhopal, Indore and Ujjain will also witness cool weather during the morning hours. Mist and haze will also prevail with patchy fog at few pockets.

During this season normally, Madhya Pradesh doesn’t receive much rains which increases the states rain deficiency. As of today, Madhya Prdaesh is 96% rain deficient and no relief is expected as there is no hope for rains any time soon.

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