Mercury dips, dense fog hits Delhi as visibility drops to zero first time in the season

Mercury dips, dense fog hits Delhi as visibility drops to zero first time in the season

11:48 AM


After recent rains in Delhi NCR, humid easterly winds have now changed their direction and are presently blowing from northerly/north-west direction. These winds are cold and dry in nature since they are coming from Western Himalayas which has just witnessed fresh spell of snowfall.

Due to these winds, night temperatures have dropped over entire northwestern plains of the country including capital region, Delhi. The mercury has dropped by 3°C over Delhi and the minimum temperatures which was 11°C on Thursday settle at 8°C  on Friday morning .

Light winds, drop in temperatures and availability of humidity in the atmosphere led to the formation of fog. The blanket of dense fog was seen at Palam airport and adjoining areas witnessed shallow fog, due to which visibility dropped to nil during the morning hours. However, clearance was also fast as the sun came up.

Further, weathermen do not foresee foggy days ahead, although moderate fog cannot be ruled out over few pockets. According to Skymet Weather, we are now expecting wind speed to pick up pace. And since these are dry winds, humidity levels would also increase. Thus, formation of fog is unlikely.

Currently, both maximums and minimums are settling marginally below the normal average. Minimum temperature is 1°C below normal and maximum is 2°C below normal. As per weathermen, we expect further fall of 1°C or 2 °C. And, in coming days the minimums can drop further and can come down to 6°C as well. Finally, we can say that winters have set in.

Talking about Delhi pollution, the air quality has shown significant improvement in the last 24 hours. The reason for the same is light to very light rains over many parts of Delhi-NCR.

As per weathermen at Skymet Weather, no active Western Disturbance is approaching soon and the north-westerlies will continue to blow for coming four to five days. The current speed of winds is 10-12 kmph and they can increase to 10-15 kmph during the afternoon hours. The pollution level is in moderate category as of now and might touch ‘poor’ to ‘very poor’ zone at few places. Chances of entering the ‘severe’ zone seems bleak.

Image Credit: Siraj Ali

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