Monsoon 2016 rains make thumping start, overshadow last two years

June 5, 2016 4:34 AM |

Rain in pondicherryUnlike the subdued onset of Monsoon during the last two years, Monsoon season in 2016 has made a thumping beginning. Both 2014 and 2015 were drought years, with the rainfall deficiency to the tune of 12% and 14%, respectively.

However in contrast to last year, the season has made an impressive beginning. Frequent and sharp spells of rain had set in quite early this year.

Pre-Monsoon activity had also peaked in May. And, most parts of Kerala and Coastal Karnataka had been consecutively recording moderate to heavy rains since May 26.

Few stations such as Mangalore and Kozhikode have even received very heavy to extremely heavy rainfall, making the arrival of Monsoon current very evident.

Both islands, Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar, have also been receiving rain since several days now. The following table will give you a better picture:

Rain in India

Please note: Rainfall figures are in mm

It is a known fact that journey of every Monsoon is not same, particularly its onset.

It is largely believed that pre-Monsoon activities become more pronounced before the arrival of the Monsoon. However, there have been many instances when the changeover from pre-Monsoon to Monsoon has been very rapid. For instance, 2015 did not see any pre-Monsoon showers before the onset of Monsoon on June 5.

The year did not even meet the essential rainfall criteria under which 60% of 14 pre-selected stations across Kerala and Karnataka have to record of 2.5 mm of rain for two consecutive days.

The following figures indicate that the first available showers during the first week of June 2015 were declared as Monsoon rains. According to weathermen, this kind of scenario is not very common.

Table--Rain in 2015

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