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Monsoon 2019 rains in Mahabaleshwar and Tamhini Ghats in Pune outperform Cherrapunji, the rainiest city of India

August 7, 2019 7:19 PM |

Mahabaleshwar rains

This Monsoon season, Maharashtra has been on firing mode these days, particularly its coastal areas.

In fact, Mahabaleshwar and Tamhini Ghats in Pune has outperformed the rainiest city of India, Cherrapunji. Both the former pockets have recorded more rains than the latter ever since the beginning of Monsoon season.

From June 1 to August 6, Mahabaleshwar has recorded 5755 mm of rains, while Tamhini Ghats has recorded 5939 mm. Meanwhile, Cherrapunji is behind with 5184 mm of rains.

Mahabaleshwar has recorded 15 spells of 3-digit rainfall, that includes three spells of over 300 mm of rain, seven spells of over 200 mm and five spells of over 100 mm. On the other hand, Cherrapunji has seen just 10 spells of the same that comprises of two spells of 300 mm, three of over 200 mm and five over 100 mm.

However, this is not for the first time that Mahabaleshwar has received more rainfall than Cherrapunji. 2018 too saw more rains in Mahabaleshwar than Cherrapunji.

According to weathermen, these extremely heavy rains over pockets of Maharashtra can be attributed to the strong Monsoon surge in account of series if low pressure area travelling all across Central India till Maharashtra. Not only this, it had also kept the off-trough active along the West Coast. Presence of these systems had led to formations of huge convergence zone, pounding extremely heavy rains over Mahabaleshwar as well as Tamhini Ghats.

However, there are still two more months to go before we calculate the final figure. Northeast India and West Coast are two rainiest pockets of the country during the four months long Southwest Monsoon season.

Irrespective of Monsoon performance, both the regions have not been performing up to the par for last couple of years. Northeast India, the top performer has been disappointing the country but its seems that would not the be case for West Coast this year.

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