Monsoon 2019: Southwest Monsoon finally reaches Kolkata after a delay of 10 days

June 20, 2019 1:59 PM |

Monsoon in Kolkata

Southwest Monsoon has finally made an onset over the city of Kolkata after a delay of ten days. Usually, by this time, Monsoon makes an entry into some parts of Bihar also, but this time, the advancement of Monsoon has remained snail like slow and performance remained weak and sluggish.

Along with Kolkata, Monsoon has also arrived over rest of Coastal Karnataka, and even some parts of South Konkan & Goa, south Madhya Maharashtra and Interior Karnataka. Monsoon has made complete onset over Northeast India, and more parts of West Bengal have come under the radar of Monsoon rains.

With this, the Northern Limit of Monsoon is passing through the cities of Ratnagiri, Kolhapur, Shivamogga, Salem, Cuddalore, on the western side and Kolkata, and Gangtok on the eastern side.

The advancement of Monsoon over Kolkata has taken place in view of the formation of a Low Pressure Area in the Bay pf Bengal, which is currently over Northeast Bay of Bengal.

With this, rains in Kolkata are expected to be seen in the coming days. However, Kolkata lies in the north of the system, and more rains are seen over the southern areas of the system. Thus, rains will only be light in nature with a couple of moderate spells in some parts of the city.

Image Credit: NDTV

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