Rain-swept July in Kolkata to exceed monthly average rainfall

July 8, 2015 6:00 PM |


cookiesoundSouthwest Monsoon that has been active over East India since last few days has given good Monsoon rains in Kolkata in last 24 hours. With good rainfall since the beginning of July and more forecast for next 48 hours, the city of joy is expected to surpass its monthly average rainfall, smoothly. The city has recorded 190 mm rainfall during first the first week of the month.

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According to Skymet Meteorology Division in India, cyclonic circulation over Bihar and adjoining West Bengal has been giving good weather over the region including Kolkata. However, rainfall was patchy in Kolkata in past 2-3 days as other areas in the state were reording showers. The eastern end of the Monsoon trough over sub-Himalayan West Bengal is also contributing to the rainfall over Kolkata.

Moreover, another cyclonic circulation that is present over North Bay of Bengal is likely to gain strength and intensify into low pressure area within next 48 hours or so that will once again increase the intensity of rain over Kolkata.

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Rainfall so far

Following with the trend, July 2015 started on a rainy note for Kolkata as it received 87 mm rainfall in just 24 hours on 2nd July. July rainfall remains heavy in the city due to the formation of frequent weather systems in the Bay of Bengal which remain in close proximity to Kolkata. While Monsoon remained subdued in June as the onset was pushed to third week of June in comparison to the usual date of 10th June, the city failed to cover its monthly normal of 284 mm.

Outlook for July

However, according to Skymet, due to moderate to heavy rainfall  expected over Kolkata in next few days due to the present cyclonic circulation and a possible new one developing around 14th July, the city of love and culture is likely to exceed July’s average rainfall, effortlessly.

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