Monsoon rain saga continues over Gujarat

August 6, 2016 9:17 AM |

Monsoon rain saga continues over GujaratLast year, Southwest Monsoon had displayed quite a poor performance in Gujarat with rainfall deficiency quite high over the state. In fact, a few cities in Gujarat had recorded rains in single digit during the entire month of August.

However, Southwest Monsoon has been too kind over Gujarat for the past few days. The state has been receiving moderate to heavy showers for quite some time now. So much so that some areas have witnessed rains in three digits during the last 24 hours.

During the last 21 hours from 8:30 am on Friday, Rajkot recorded a whopping 112 mm of rain followed by 77 mm of rainfall in Porbandar. Other areas to have received good rains include Naliya 69 mm, Bhuj 25 mm, Okha 12 mm, Veraval 11 mm, and Ahmedabad 3 mm.

These rains can be attributed to the low pressure area which is currently over the Kutch region of the state. This system has developed under the influence of the cyclonic circulation which is hovering over South Rajasthan. The axis of the Monsoon trough is passing through the state of Gujarat and the low pressure.

Now, during the next 24 to 48 hours, moderate to heavy Monsoon rains will continue over Gujarat as the weather systems will linger over the region. These rains will also help in reducing the rainfall deficiency over Gujarat to quite an extent.

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