Nights in Delhi get warmer than Nagpur

Nights in Delhi get warmer than Nagpur

11:09 AM

Nights in Delhi get warmer than NagpurAfter withdrawal of Monsoon, minimum temperatures have witnessed a drop of at least six to seven degrees. Earlier, minimums remained high due to warm easterly winds. As soon as Monsoon withdrew, winds changed pattern and began to blow from the northwest direction.

These northwesterly winds are drier and cooler in nature leading to drop in temperatures. Minimum temperatures of most parts of North India are between 15 to 20 degrees. In Delhi, Safdarjung is witnessing a minimum of 18 degrees and Palam recording minimum temperature at around 19 degrees.

Usually, Central India remains warmer as compared to North and Northwest India. Though Delhi is in the northern part of the country, minimums of central India particularly Vidarbha and South Madhya Pradesh are much lower and are settling between 13 and 15 degrees.

Nagpur, which lies near the Tropic of Cancer is one of the hottest areas in India during the summer season. At present, nights in Nagpur are cooler than Delhi with minimums settling at 15 degrees, which is 3 degrees lower than the national capital. Usually, during this period, Delhi observes lower temperatures as compared to Nagpur.

These weather conditions can be attributed to the continuous flow of northwesterly winds and clear skies in the central parts of the country. When the sky is clear, the earth emits the heat in the form of long wave radiation throughout the night resulting in lower minimums. Moreover, the terrain of Nagpur and adjoining areas of Vidarbha is rocky which warms at a faster pace during the day and gets cooler quickly during the night.

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