On and off Bengaluru rains to continue for some more time

On and off Bengaluru rains to continue for some more time

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On and off Bengaluru rains to continue for some more timeBengaluru has been receiving on and off rains for the past many days. In fact, during the month of May, there have been very few days when the city has seen a dry spell.

This year, Pre Monsoon activity has been on the higher side and few heavy spells were also witnessed. Moreover, average rains for Bengaluru during the month of May stands 107.4 mm. The capital city of Karnataka has already surpassed its monthly mean and has so far recorded 183.8 mm of rainfall.

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In fact, the city has already observed second highest monthly rains in a decade with the highest being at 241.9 mm which was recorded last year.

The last 24 hours were also not dry for the city and 9 mm of rains were recorded over the Garden City. Now also, weather is not likely to go dry and on and off rains will continue over Bengaluru throughout the month.

A trough is seen running from Chhattisgarh to Tamil Nadu across South Interior Karnataka which will keep the rains persistent over Bengaluru.

Moreover, there are weather systems developing on either side of South Peninsula including over both the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. These weather systems will ensure the continuance of rain and thundershowers over many parts of South Interior Karnataka including Bengaluru.

In fact, few good spells of rains are possible between May 23 and 25 in Bengaluru. Talking about the temperatures, they will remain close to the normal levels keeping the weather comfortable.

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