Pleasant mornings and hot afternoons in store for Mumbai

Pleasant mornings and hot afternoons in store for Mumbai

11:51 AM

Mumbai Weather

The city of Mumbai has been witnessing dry weather conditions for quite some time now. For almost a week, rain gods have stayed far away from the capital city of Maharashtra. Before that, good rains had been making constant appearances over the city.

In fact, now almost the entire state of Maharashtra has become dry as no significant weather system has been affecting the region as of now. The little bit of rain which was making slight appearances has also stopped and the region has become completely dry.

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The reason for such dry weather conditions over Mumbai and its adjoining areas can be attributed to the change in wind pattern which have now become northerly in nature. These northerly winds are warm and dry in nature therefore resulting in dry weather conditions.

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Not only this, due to these winds blowing over the region, maximum temperatures will also witness an increase over the region. In fact, in the coming days, Mumbai and its adjoining areas will see an increase in the maximums beyond the 35-degree mark. Maximums may even reach up to 36-37 degrees or so.

Meanwhile, as far as the mornings are concerned, they will be quite pleasant and those early morning walks will be thoroughly enjoyed by Mumbaikars. The minimum temperatures will settle around 23 degrees but as the day progresses, hot weather will take over.

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