Rainy spell in Uttar Pradesh to begin, hailstorms also expected

January 26, 2020 1:14 PM |


Uttar Pradesh rains

During the last 24 hours, weather has remained dry for the last 24 hours. Now, we expect the state to start receiving rain and thundershower activities from the late-night hours of January 27.

According to Skymet Weather, a few places in the western and north-western parts of Uttar Pradesh are likely to receive moderate to heavy rains. Also, the intensity of these rains will start increasing January 29 onward and will further spread over the central parts of Uttar Pradesh like Shahjahanpur, Lucknow, Kanpur, etc.

However, the foothills of West Uttar Pradesh will receive intense rain, thundershower, and isolated hailstorm activities during the same episode.

Although there will not be much significant weather activity in the eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh. In fact, the region may see cloudy skies following which the eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh may see isolated light rainfall activities.

By January 30, the rainfall activity will start decreasing in the entire state of Uttar Pradesh. However, isolated light rain is still expected during the morning hours of January 30 over eastern and north-eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh. Post this episode, the weather will start clearing up from the western parts of Uttar Pradesh.

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