Russia’s frozen lake Baikal is beauty beyond imagination

Russia’s frozen lake Baikal is beauty beyond imagination

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Frozen Baikal lake

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Russia’s massive lake ‘Baikal’ is a treat to watch during winter season. With the depth of 5387 feet, the ancient lake is also known as world’s deepest lake. The lake remains surrounded by tourist throughout the year, however winter is the time when its beauty glorifies to the best. For a period of Five months, this beauty gets covered by meters of ice and the frozen lake looks- ‘beauty beyond imagination’.

Here’s a quick glance at this astonishing scenery!

frozen baikal lake

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Travelers from all over the world book their tickets way too in advance to capture this scenic beauty in their eyes. Getting clicked by lying on this bed of frozen lake gives one, major photography goals.

Fairy tale comes true!

Lake-Baikal frozen 56th parallel

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To witness this captivating beauty in real, is like a dream come true. All those fairytales that you always dreamed of, come out in real and the place looks no less than the heaven.

Time for some ice skating!

Baikal lake frozen

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The thick ice sheets give pleasure to one to enjoy ice skating on world’s best rink. The largest water lake contains 22 to 23% of world’s fresh surface water.

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