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Severe cold wave to prevail over Maharashtra for next 2-3 days

January 1, 2019 2:48 PM |

mumbai website

Both day and night temperatures remained above normal over the state of Maharashtra up till December 18. Thereafter,a sudden drop was observed in both minimums and maximums thereby leading to Cold Wave conditions over many parts of the state. These low temperatures were continuously reported over the state between December 18 and 23.

However, after the passage of this period, cold winds from northeast directions were replaced by warm and humid winds from southeast directions. These warm and humid winds continued to grip city till December 17 thereby leading to an increase in temperatures over the state.

However, December 28 brought a major change in the weather of Maharashtra. Since then, most parts of Maharashtra have been following a decreasing trend thereby leading to severe cold wave conditions in most parts of Vidarbha as well as over some parts of Madhya Maharashtra and Marathwada.

For example, Nagpur this year has performed excellent in winters with its minimums recorded around 3.5℃ on December 29. This temperature was below normal by a great margin of 10℃.

Minimums recorded over Maharashtra during last 24 hours-

Capture mahareashtra 31

At present too, many parts of Vidarbha are experiencing below normal minimums by 7℃ to 8℃.

Such situation is unusual particularly for that state which rarely experiences any severe cold wave conditions. Further, in regard of this situation, residents of Maharashtra are now bracing up themselves to fight against winter chill.

Reason for this condition can be attributed to the flow of dry and cold winds from northeast directions for continuously about 5 days now. This tend will continue for next two to three days. Thereafter, there will be a marginal increase in temperatures around January 4 or 5 due to commencement of southeasterly winds which are warm in nature.

However, the presence of these winds will be short lived and once again reversal of wind pattern will occur. Once this happens, cold wave conditions will grip the state again thereby giving winter chill to residents till January 10.

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