Severe heatwave in Gujarat to persist

Severe heatwave in Gujarat to persist

03:23 PM

Guj heatWhile the eastern part of the country is reeling under the effects of Cyclone Roanu, states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu are witnessing flood-like situation, northern and western parts of India are witnessing extreme heatwave conditions. Particularly, Gujarat is bearing the brunt of sun’s fury like never before.

On Thursday, the sweltering heat in Ahmedabad reached a record high with the mercury shooting up to 48°C, thus, breaking the highest recorded temperature (47.8°C on May 27, 1916) in the past 100 years. The temperature was 6 degrees above normal, making heatwave conditions unbearable in the city.

It is the north-westerly winds from the desert region of Rajasthan that are causing the unusual heat in the state. The wind direction is expected to change from May 21 to western winds which are claimed to be laden with moisture and this is supposed to gradually reduce the temperature in the state.

Not only Ahmedabad but two other places in the state broke the record in terms of highest temperature. Gandhinagar and Deesa in Banaskantha district also recorded highest temperature as 48°C on Thursday. While the state capital Gandhinagar broke the 14-year old record i.e., 47.7°C that was set on May 4, 2002, Deesa broke the six-year old record i.e., 47.3°C which was set on May 22, 2010.

Not only Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Deesa, but several other parts of Gujarat also recorded a very high temperature. Kandla recorded the maximum temperature as 47.7°C   Surendranagar saw 47.5°C, Idar had 47.2°C, Amreli was sizzling at 46.8°C, and Rajkot stood at 46°C.

As per the weather analysts, the severe heatwave conditions in Gujarat are likely to continue till May 21, 2016.

Image Credit: Oneindia.com