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Soaring Heat Unlikely In Delhi: Showers Likely On Weekend

April 8, 2024 1:33 PM |

National capital has stayed fairly decent and is yet to witness any stuffy days of this season so far. Mercifully, the oppressive temperatures, which otherwise start building up by now had been missing. Over to the second week of April and the city has not even breached 37°C mark. Similar conditions were seen last year, as well, when the first 40°C was recorded on 15thApril 2023. This year, it is likely to overshoot this timeline also and the maiden 40°C may as well, get recorded, well past first fortnight of month.

Delhi had earlier recorded the highest temperature of 36.8°C on 04thApril, in this month. However, the temperatures dipped because of moderate winds during last 2 days and got arrested below 36°C. Any abrupt rise in the mercury level is unlikely and it may touch a notional mark of 38°C over the next 3-4 days. Thereafter, an imminent fall  is likely, plunging once again to below normal.

Capital city, generally observes the second half of April hotter than the first. In the past 15 years, since 2008, the city has breached 42°C mark on 9 occasions and scaled 43°C, on 2 occasions. Going by those standards, heat index has remained suppressed so far.  Despite dry weather conditions during the first week, the temperatures have  remained around normal. The minimum temperatures have continuously remained in mid teens, still leaving mild nip in the air during morning hours.

Rains are likely to come up for Delhi and suburbs during this week.  Scale and spread will be larger than observed during the last about 40 days or so. Weak trough and heat build up may trigger some localized activity on 10thApril. However, conditions will become strongly favourable when  more composed and organized systems approach on 12thApril 2024. Western disturbance over the mountains and induced broad circulation over the plains, working in tandem, will increase the spread and intensity of weather activity across northwest India. Delhi will have the activity beginning on 12thApril and picking up over the weekend, on 13th and 14th April.  Spread will reduce the next day on 15thApr and only the remnant effect on 16thApril.

Peak activity is likely on 13th and 14thApril, more of it on 14thApril. Rain and thunder showers may accompany strong winds and lightening strikes. This will be the first typical bout of pre monsoon, covering  plains of North India, simultaneously.  Hailstorm is expected at few places. Combination of hailstorm and thundershowers is least desired for the standing crops and harvested yield lying in the field, if any. Farmer has to take precaution and secure assets.

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