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These creatures are going extinct and the reason is climate change

April 22, 2019 6:32 PM |


This Earth Day the theme is that of ‘Protect Our Species’ and there's definitely a reason to it. Here’s a list of species that are already endangered and are at a risk of extinction soon, all because of climate change! Yes, it’s getting real now!



Many species of bees are going extinct worldwide especially that in the US and Europe. Bees are an essential part of the ecosystem and play a massive role in pollinating flowers.


These beautiful creatures drive a lot of ecotourism each year. The herbivores also play a key role in plant growth, spreading seeds from the fruits and plants they eat.

Coral reefs

Found in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans these reefs are home to more than a quarter of the planet's marine life. They also play a major role in eco-tourism and fisheries.

Great Apes

With the maximum similarity an animal can have with a human, great apes are facing a slow extinction.

Sea Turtles


Found in the tropical and sub-tropical areas, these one of the oldest creatures on the Earth are falling prey to Global Warming.


Over the past four decades the overall populations of insects have shown a 45% decline. This in turn has posed risk to plant pollination and multiple food webs across the globe.



Nearly 40% of the total bird species are prone to extinction. Migratory birds are immensely important for the food chains globally. Birds eat away pests and sometime even act a pollinator.


Sharks play a very crucial role at the end of food chains by maintaining the populations of ones behind them in the chain. Climate change alters their habitats, affecting their ability to reproduce and find food.



A wide variety of plants are endangered right now. Climate change degrades the soil they grow in and raises sea levels.



Elephants around the world are losing their habitats on an alarming rate due to climate change.



Climate change disrupts their migration and threatens habitats that they reside in.


These marine mammals are facing huge population declines worldwide. Their role in ocean ecosystems is undeniable.

If not taken into account now, we might end up loosing many plant and animal species from our Earth forever. It’s high time we start taking things seriously!

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