Varying wind pattern to cause fluctuating temperatures East and West Coast

Varying wind pattern to cause fluctuating temperatures East and West Coast

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Weather in West CoastDuring this time of the year, weather activities over both the East and West Coast reduce to quite an extent. In fact, it is the temperature, which is the main factor in the East and West Coast. Even when thunderstorm occurs, they are only seen for short duration, and mostly occur in the interior parts.

Talking about temperatures, both the west and the east coast have different profiles. It is the wind patterns that govern the temperatures.

Usually, the areas that lie in the same latitudes see similar temperatures however, there is no uninform distribution in temperatures simultaneously at this point of time, mainly because of the wind pattern.

During the Monsoon season, the winds are westerly in nature, i.e., from the Arabian Sea which means the temperatures over the entire West Coast right from Mumbai to Thiruvananthapuram, remain pleasant.

However, currently, temperatures over Kerala Coast are settling around 35-36 degrees Celsius, this has been because of the variable wind pattern. Thus, the East Coast is also seeing similar weather conditions as of now.

On the other hand, interiors of Peninsular India including Rayalaseema, Tamil Nadu and South Interior Karnataka are reeling under heatwave conditions.

Usually, during this season, there is no set pattern as such on most days. Winds remain of variable nature. When winds are from Bay, temperatures on East Coast are lower and West Coast are higher.

In the coming days, the temperature difference will be more as before Monsoon, pattern remains disturbed. At times winds will blow from the Bay causing pleasant weather in the East Coast while on other times, winds will blow from the Arabian Sea causing better weather over the West Coast.

Thus, before Monsoon, weather will keep fluctuating over both these areas.

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