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Weather across India during New Year

December 31, 2022 2:29 PM |

New Year is going to be a dry affair for almost the entire country as well as cold weather conditions sweeping across north as well as some parts of central India along with eastern parts of the country. Let us take a look at the weather conditions likely during New Year over the entire country.

Broadly, the mountains of North India will not see any rains as the previous Western disturbance has already moved away. However in the wake of the system cold wave conditions may be seen over many parts on New Year's. As far is the plains of north India are concerned, you can expect foggy morning on January 1, with temperatures dropping to single digit. Cities of Delhi, Lucknow, and Jaipur will see some cold weather conditions. The maximum and minimum will dip over these areas with the former dropping below 20 degrees and the latter settling around 7-8 degrees.

East and Northeast India will also see cold weather conditions with a few areas of north-east India observing some rainfall activity. Other than that, cities of Ranchi, Patna with maximum around 19 degrees and minimum around 10 degrees, may see fog during the morning hours but no rains at all. Kolkata may also see some cold weather in the morning hours at 14 degrees with day remaining pleasant at 24 degrees. Foggy morning may be seen over Guwahati on New years day with maximum settling around 23 degrees and minimum around 10 degrees.

Moving to central and western parts, parts of Madhya Pradesh including the city of Indore and Bhopal may see some cold weather conditions in the wake of the western disturbance. However as far as Mumbai, Pune and Goa are concerned, you can expect hotter day with pleasant nights. The cities of Ahmedabad as well as Gandhinagar may see some reduced minimum temperatures all because of cold north-westerly winds blowing over the region.

Moving towards South India, weather conditions are expected to remain dry and warm. Weather will remain pleasant over the city of Bengaluru with temperatures settling around 28 degrees and 18 degrees during the night. Similar weather is likely over Chennai and Hyderabad as well.

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